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www.dbortho.com - The general website for DB Orthodontics, this includes a downloadable version of our Orthodontic Catalogue, as well as information on Orthodontic Events, and our International Distributors.

www.ixion-instruments.com - Our exclusive range of orthodontic instruments, this range includes weingart pliers, distal end cutters, and ligature cutters.

www.infinitas-miniimplant.co.uk - Our revolutionary implant for orthodontic anchorage, the site features information about Orthodontic Mini Implants, as well as information about Mini Implant Courses.

www.orthostore.co.uk - A site that sells products for orthodontic patients. The range of products includes Orthodontic Wax, Retainer Brite, Travel Toothbrushes and Interdental Brushes.

www.4squarehealthcare.co.uk - A site focusing on general dental products. This includes a range of Aesculap dental instruments, Leone Dental Implants, Disinfectant Products, and Sterilisation Trays.


www.disinfectantproducts.co.uk - This site focuses on our Rensa infection control products. The range includes products such as surface disinfectant wipes, as well as hard surface disinfectant spray, and hand disinfectant rub.

www.orthodontic-instruments.com - A site featuring orthodontic instruments

www.leone.it - Leoen orthodontic products

www.ota-uk.org/ - Orthodontic Technicians Association

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