Whitepeaks Zirconia Colouring Course - 14 & 15th Novemeber

Whitepeaks Zirconia Colouring Course - 14 & 15th Novemeber

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Led by Peter Harling

14th - 15th November 2019 

This hands on course will focus on pre-sintering zirconia colouring techniques using Whitepeaks high translucent Zirconia and colouring liquids. The delegate will build on their knowledge and hands on skills including manually carving Zirconia, and how to personalise each case using Whitepeaks colouring liquids. Delegates will also learn how important the sintering process is, on achieving the desired aesthetics. 

On completion of the course the delegate will be awarded 9 hours
verifiable CPD.

Course Aims 

To further enhance the dental technicians skills and knowledge in creating full monolithic functional high aesthetic restorations using Whitepeaks Zirconia and colouring liquids. 

CPD objectives and anticipated learning outcomes. 

  1. To understand the theory and have a practical knowledge.
  2. To understand how to select the most appropriate Zirconia, for each individual case, regarding translucency, MPa. 
  3. To confidently handle and manipulate green state Zirconium. 
  4. To understand how to use Whitepeaks Copra colours and how different products effect the Zirconia colouring.

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