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What to Look For in a Quality Aligner and Retainer Material

Orthodontic Technician Lisa Mountford discusses with DB Lab Supplies her career, her motivations for creating high quality appliances, what she looks for in her products, and why she chooses products from DB Lab Supplies.

Just like artists, technicians need their tools to deliver consistent results, and Lisa Mountford is no exception. A perfectionist in her work, she refines her handiwork in order to get the best out of every cut and finish. She is dedicated to providing optimum patient care for her clients with premium quality appliances.
Working onsite at Eline Orthodontic Clinic in Marylebone, Lisa offers the highest quality orthodontic products. From removable appliances, palatal arches, clear removable retainers and fixed retainers, to TMJ splints, bleaching trays and anti-snoring devices, Lisa’s toolbox is ready to cater for the wide ranging needs of a busy orthodontic practice.

What makes Iconic Lux a good aligner and retainer material? 

I am really happy with the performance of Iconic Lux for my retainers. It makes the fabrication and finishing of appliances a pleasant process. Lux almost halves the finishing time; removing flash and finishing edges feels effortless. When scalloping, it can be tricky to remove material in between the grooves, however with Lux, it’s easy. The material is more flexible than others I have tried, and I have had no returns from patients so far. Also, when I use it for patients with deep undercuts requiring block out gel on the models, it keeps its integrity when
removing the model.

When scalloping, it can be tricky to remove material in between the grooves, however with Lux, it’s easy. The material is more flexible than others I have tried, and I have had no returns from patients so far.

Lisa's top burs and polishers for mouthguards, appliances and retainers:

1. Tricutter

I use DB Lab Supplies’ Coated Tricutters because they are really long lasting.
I use them to make the central horseshoe shape and cut it off the model with ease.

2. Iconic Fine Polishing Disks.

For flash removal, I use the Iconic fine polishing discs which are just fantastic; they give a nice smooth finish. The disk head of the Iconic polisher is thicker than other polishing heads, and therefore and lasts a lot longer.

3. Big Burtha.

For shaping and scalloping of soft eva mouthguards and acrylic appliances, I use the Big Burtha. At the moment I use a Big Burtha when making splints and vacuum formed retainers.

How I offer a premium service

Lisa's nursing background has given her an insight into the types of clinical demands in-practice, and because she is onsite, workflow times are shorter. Often, she meets the patient face to face too. “It’s all part of the premium service we offer in-house at Eline”, Lisa says. “If the patient meets the technician in the
appointment, it adds extra piece of mind that they are in good hands”
Her career in the dental industry began in nursing 30 years ago, and Lisa began training as a technician in 1999. Adept at fourhanded dentistry, she realised she was good with her hands. she began helping out as a tech when the practice she was nursing in at the time needed help in the lab. And the rest is history.

Experience of clinical and technical protocols.

It was only up until a couple of years ago that she hung up her nursing outfit for good. With all this experience, it is safe to say Lisa’s experience includes a good balance of clinical and technical protocols. Lisa says, “I am so focused on the importance of quality. I have experience of one-to-one contact. I work on a model, yet I have worked in the mouth also. This has also made me more mindful about the way I create products. I see the vulnerability of tissues and know that a patient will detect a micron of a millimetre when it comes to sharp or overly thick edges”. Lisa also speaks about the importance of deadlines, “Clinicians like to have appliances back in advance, not on the day. You have to be on top of your game. Sometimes a patient might be calling in for a retainer because they are due to go on holiday that lunchtime.” Dr Kaval Patel, Principal Orthodontist at Eline, will sometimes arrange for Lisa to attend the clinical appointment. Because she is there, the benefits include a more collaborative approach, less room for communication error, and of course the added peace of mind for the patient in understanding where their appliance is coming from.

Many of Lisa’s favourite products are from DB Lab Supplies

My patients at Eline Orthodontics expect a very high level of quality during their experience at Eline Orthodontics. This quality runs though from customer service, to their treatments and appliances. For me, it is important to
always use reliable materials to ensure consistent results.
This is why I do not compromise on materials, and I choose products from DB Lab Supplies.

DB Lab Supplies develop products for the dental industry

The DB Lab Supplies team thank Lisa Mountford for her positive feedback on Iconic products. DB Lab Supplies are proud to support the dental industry by developing quality products including the Iconic thermoforming range. For more information on Iconic LUX, Iconic Original, Iconic Alpha, Iconic Semi Rigid Bleaching Trays and many more products from the Iconic Range, call the DB team on 01535 656 999, or email sales@dbortho.com.



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