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Let's Talk Retention, Thermoforming and and 3D Printing Technologies This OTA Meeting 2022

The 2022 OTA promises to be a truly collaborative event for the entire dental team, where you’re encouraged to leave your preconceptions at the door…

 This year’s Dental Professionals Conference (DPC) will be held in the Radisson Park Inn, York city centre on the September 30th – 1st October 2022.

Managed by the Orthodontic Technicians Association UK, the event offers up to 10 hours of verifiable CPD from the variety of lectures and workshop sessions from national and international speakers.

DB Lab Supplies is excited to attend

What does Team DB have in store for you? From retention to 3D printing digital technologies, we invite you to explore a range of materials that not only optimise workflow and enhance patient comfort, but also provide value and reliability for your budget.

Iconic thermoforming materials

For retainers, aligners, bite splints, bruxism guards, and orthodontic appliances, Iconic has the highest performance characteristics to ensure optimum performance of all your thermoformed appliances. Polishing is even taken care of with a range of long lasting, high quality polishing disks to complement the range.

Lisa Mountford, Dental Technician at Eline Orthodontics, Marylebone, says, “I am really happy with the performance of Iconic Lux. It makes the fabrication and finishing of appliances a pleasant process. Lux almost halves the finishing time; removing flash and finishing edges feels effortless. When scalloping, it can be tricky to remove material in between the grooves, however with Lux, it’s easy. The material is more flexible than others I have tried, and I have had no returns from patients so far. Also, when I use it for patients with deep undercuts requiring block out gel on the models, it keeps its integrity when removing the model.”

“I am really happy with the performance of Iconic Lux. It makes the fabrication and finishing of appliances a pleasant process. Lux almost halves the finishing time..." Lisa Mountford, Dental Technician, Eline Orthodontics

 3D Printing from Keyprint

Discover 3D printing resins that provide the highest quality and detail in orthodontic and dental models, splints and night guards. The makers of Keyprint resins are pioneers in offering patient comfort in its appliance formulas designed for appliances, and efficiency for your everyday processes to keep you ahead of time. Keyprint liquids are compatible with a large range of printers.

“I honestly believe KeySplint Soft® will change printed splints forever. It has unbelievable fracture resistance and mind-blowing elastic memory.” Jay Patrick, Dental Devices by Jason.

Choose from KeyModel Ultra with its high speed print formulation for dental and orthodontic models, KeySplint Soft for splints and night guards, and KeySplint Hard for rigid dental splints.

See you there!

We look forward to meeting with you this OTA. Get in touch now to book a coffee and a catch up.

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