Upcoming Courses

Iconic Masterclass

Iconic Thermoforming Master Class

13th June 2024

The course will build on the delegates thermoforming skills, and advance their knowledge in the fabrication of Iconic thermoformed materials.

MSi Fabrication Workshop

MSi Fabrication Workshop

14th June 2024 or 20th November 2024

Learn how to fabricate the MSi (Mandibular Snoring Inhibitor), the gold standard for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea. The MSi has been tried and tested to prove a high level of patient compliance with snorers and sufferers of mild OSA, including sufferers with heavy clenching and bruxism.

Advanced Orthodontic Lab Course

Advanced Orthodontic Lab Course

21st & 22nd November 2024

The Advanced Orthodontic course will combine both theory and hands-on practical modules. The two-day course will build on your orthodontic laboratory skills and further your practical knowledge



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