Mazic Duro - Nano Hybrid Ceramic for CAD/CAM

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MAZIC® Duro is an advanced Nano-Hybrid ceramic, consisting of ca.80% of Nano-particle sized ceramic fillers (zirconia, silicate) and 20% of high-density, hardening resin matrix. MAZIC® Duro has advantages of both high-density resin matrix and ceramics at the same time. You can take elasticity, easy workability of high-density resin matrix and also strength, stain resistance as well as aesthetics of ceramics.

MAZIC® Duro applies to various prosthesis such as inlays, onlays, veneers and single crown with 1-Day treatment and makes sure of higher standard of aesthetics than other materials, in spite of easy and simple workings only with CAD/CAM system.


Natural tooth-like aesthetics and elasticity
High flexural and compressive strength
Excellent stain resistance
Easy add-on with composite resin
Excellent cementation
Easy handling for adjustment of occlusal surface
No firing and glazing : saving time, equipment and spaces
Prosthesis treatment in 1-Day

MAZIC® Duro has the closest physical properties and aesthetics comparing with natural teeth and flexural/bonding/compressive strength are much better than glass ceramic as well as indirect resin. Realize the best aesthetic prosthesis that every patient wishes with MAZIC® Duro.

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