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"From a Technician’s Perspective it is Great to Work with" Iconic Lux Review by Nicholas Little at Clear Straight Aligners

In our recent chat with Nicholas Little at ClearStraightTM aligners, he shared how he aims to take his successful aligner business from strength to strength and how his passion for detail and quality sets the bar high. Here, he explains why he switched to Iconic Lux thermoforming material.

Nicholas Little from Clear Straight Aligners

Nicholas Little, Founder and Dental Technician of ClearStraightTM, uses Iconic Lux for nearly all his aligners and retainers.

I graduated from Southampton technical College in 1993 with a distinction in orthodontics. My working life started in Bristol, and I gained valuable experience from dentists, orthodontists, and other technicians. With nearly 30 years’ experience I recognise the value in using only high-quality materials. My attention to detail and the pride I take in ensuring the retainers I create fit well and are comfortable, lead to very few remakes. One of the key considerations is to ensure that undercuts are blocked out correctly, especially around crowns and bridges. Some may perceive the creation of retainers as an insignificant or easy job however, they are vital to ensure completion of treatment. 

In addition to creating retainers, I also work with orthodontists to undertake aligner cases, relapses in treatment or simply to do small refinements. My trusted level of expertise and case selection ensure optimum patient compliance.

My contact Simon Green at DB lab supplies explained how they are a UK family business working with clinicians and technicians to develop products for the dental and dental laboratory industry. I am impressed with their products and always keen to work with small independent companies. At the time Simon introduced me to Lux I had tried a few alternative brands, however, I chose to try Lux and switched to the product for my private practices. I began introducing Lux in October 2021 starting with clients who I knew would give me reliable feedback, and so far, I have heard only good reports. It takes around six months to understand whether a new Aligner/retainer material is of good enough quality, but now we are over that point I have only positive things to say. My reputation is too important to me to take risks on low quality materials.

Why is Iconic Lux a good choice for aligners and retainers?

There are a number of benefits including the fact that Lux stays transparent and is flexible, making it more comfortable for patients. There is minimal wear on the retainers after six months and in this respect, they seem to last longer than retainers made with other brands. I am aiming to move most of my work over to Lux by July.
From a technician’s perspective it is great to work with. When finishing, the edges are easy to smooth and quicker than with other materials.  When trimming, the material responds well to a finishing bur and the extra flex makes it perfect for aligners.  I use Lux 0.8 for aligners due to its flexibility, particularly with attachments.

The future for ClearStraightTM

I enjoy sharing my skills and knowledge with laboratories and orthodontists alike. My Aligner case numbers have increased year-on-year and I am building on the success I have already achieved by providing a reliable and high-quality service to my customers.

DB Lab Supplies develop products for the dental industry

The DB Lab Supplies team thank Dental Technicians Nicholas Little from ClearStraightTM  for his positive feedback on Iconic products. DB Lab Supplies are proud to support the dental industry by developing quality products including the Iconic thermoforming range. For more information on Iconic Lux, Iconic Original, Iconic Alpha, Iconic Semi Rigid Bleaching Trays and many more products from the Iconic Range, call the DB team on 01535 656 999, or email sales@dbortho.com.

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