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10 Things to Look for in a Nano-Hybrid Ceramic

What makes one Nano Hybrid Ceramic stand out over another? As technology continues to advance, allowing technicians and clinicians to demand more from a ceramic composite restoration, what is the standard? What should you be asking for?

Starting with the top ten recommended must-haves, this blog explains why Mazic Duro, the latest CAD CAM offering from DB Lab Supplies, is a valuable option for the digital dental laboratory.

Top ten 10 must-haves when choosing a Nano Hybrid Ceramic:

  1. Natural tooth-like aesthetics and elasticity
  2. High flexural strength of 220Mpa
  3. Compressive strength of 450Mpa
  4. Excellent stain resistance
  5. Easy add-on with composite resin
  6. Excellent cementation
  7. Easy handling for adjustment of occlusal surface
  8. No firing and glazing: saving time, equipment and spaces
  9. Fast processing times
  10. Puck availability of 10,12 and 14mm

Introducing Mazic Duro

DB Lab Supplies is excited to introduce Mazic Duro. Mazic Duro is a dynamic material designed for provide ceramic composite restorations featuring natural aesthetics, impressive durability and flexural strength, stable milling properties and an easy cementation protocol. Mazic Duro does not require any firing.

In short, Mazic Duro not only ticks the boxes for all ten ideal requirements, it is out-performing other market options in many areas (see graphs further down).

Why is Mazic Duro a great choice for Nano Hybrid Ceramics?

Mazic Duro is an advanced Nano-Hybrid ceramic, consisting of ca.80% of Nano-particle sized ceramic fillers (zirconia, silicate) and 20% of high-density, hardening resin matrix. This golden ratio of ceramic and high-density resin gives you the best of both worlds; of elasticity and easy polishability of resin matrix, strength, stain resistance, in addition to the excellent aesthetics you expect from a ceramic.

What applications can Mazic Duro be used for?Achieve excellent aesthetics, and enjoy the simplest CAD/CAM workflow that requires no firing. Mazic Duro is ideal for a variety of applications including; inlays, onlays, veneers and single crowns, all within 1-Day.Laminate veneers can be milled as fine as .3mm due to its stable milling properties.An easy milling protocol, and no fire or glaze, makes veneer fitting very convenient.Mazic Duro is highly effective for inlays, onlays and full crowns.All images published courtesy of Vericom.

How does Mazic Duro compare with similar Nano Hybrid Ceramics?

 In addition to a convenient workflow, and amazing aesthetics, Mazic Duro is extremely competitive in its physical performance.

In tests alongside similar materials in the market, the results were impressive.

The high flexural strength of the material creates long lasting restorations. The high compressive strength makes each restoration resistant to mastication stress.

The high vickers hardness makes Mazic Duro restorations resistant to micro-wear. Mazic Duro possesses a modulus of elasticity similar to natural teeth; minimising damage to antagonistic teeth and prostheses.

High wear resistance enables reliable long-term use due to the high resistance to chewing and surface wear by food or toothpaste. Low stain resistance maintains aesthetics for a long time due to no shade variance of prosthesis.

Pack availability

Offering a variety of sizes and two milling options, Mazic Duro provides everything you need to begin offering effective yet aesthetic restorations in less time than ever.

Get in touch

For more information on Mazic Duro, call the sales team on 01535 656999, or email sales@dbortho.com.

Next Blog coming soon: Clinical Case Study - One Day CAD/CAM Restoration Using Mazic Duro Hybrid Ceramic by Dr Bae Jin-Woo

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