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"I Will Sing Iconic's Praises to High Heaven" Shaun Sinclair at Sinclair Orthodontics Shares his Story.

This week we showcase Head Technician Shaun Sinclair at family company Sinclair Orthodontics. Sinclair Orthodontics serves GDPs and Orthodontists throughout the UK and Ireland. It provides an expert level of service and efficiency, and an unmatched level of patient comfort using, in their words, the best quality thermoforming materials and technologies from Iconic. Here he shares their success stories, and why Sinclair uses Iconic thermoforming material.

Welcome to the Family

With a fully kitted out digital studio, a loyal customer base and a team of 12, family business Sinclair Orthodontics are fully established and set to continue growing. The business offers 3D printing, digital models, aligners, orthognathic planning, customised appliances, and par scoring for orthodontists and GDPs. 

In the beginning

In 1999, Managing Director Brother Mark and I launched the business from one room. Mark’s background involved training Orthodontists in hospital, and I had switched from a career in construction to qualifying as a Dental Technician. I’ve also taught dental technology at Manchester Metropolitan University. Between us, we have a great foundation. 23 years later, word of mouth has done its magic and we now serve GDPs and Orthodontists up and down the country from Aberdeen to Jersey. We cater to both the digital and traditional clinician.

We have many hospital contracts in the north and south of England, some traditional, some digital. Younger clinicians are all trained in scanning and digital dentistry. Yet, we still receive a lot of alginate impressions and do a lot of plasterwork. With over 70 scanning clients, a quick response is key, especially Orthodontics. When a patient comes out of active treatment, they want a retainer as soon as possible.

A reliable service

We launched our aligner system, So Clear, 5 years ago. Our clients benefit from a reliable service and the ability to speak to a technician at any time. I’m often responding to case enquiries in the evening, and I always give informed, realistic advice. With the rise in DTC aligners, many of us, including Orthodontists and GDP’s fear how the unethical nature of this will create a knock-on effect for patients needing corrective treatment. My work is hand done, by eye. No algorithm creates the treatment plan. It is important to create realistic expectations for the clinician and patient, and this is what our personal approach offers. We also offer a quick turnaround time as we are based in Wigan. I am training up my son Andrew to take over the aligners and digital side of things and one day he can step into my shoes.

“We used to use an alternative brand, however, when we discovered Iconic has two heat proof films, we switched. We use them as spacers for retainers and aligners.”

What makes Iconic thermoforming material different?

Iconic products are great, I like them a lot. That’s why we buy so much of it. We always use Iconic Alpha, Iconic Original and Iconic Semi Rigid Bleaching Tray. I will sing Iconic’s praises to high heaven. I’ve been in this industry a long time and tried it all. Iconic is consistent and always high quality. We used to use an alternative brand, however, when we discovered Iconic has two heat proof films, we switched. We use them as spacers for retainers and aligners. I will take the top film, place it on top of the bottom film and add heat to pressure form. The spacers stop the fit being too tight. It also means that the appliance will be crystal clear.

Why is Iconic Alpha thermoforming material ideal for bruxers?

For retainers for bruxers, Iconic Alpha has a resilience that acts like a memory foam. These retainers last a very long time, and even if I am replacing one after the patient has chewed a hole in it from up to seven years of constant bruxism, if will still have kept its form.

I will sing Iconic's praises to high heaven. I've been in this industry a long time and tried it all. Iconic is consistent and always high quality.

Which thermoforming material is best for bleaching trays?

Iconic Semi Rigid Bleaching tray is fantastic too. I will choose the 1.5mm for bleaching trays as it adapts to the model – you can also reactivate them by simply running them under very cold water.

What is the future for Sinclair Orthodontics?

Sinclair Orthodontics’ has three generations of family members and is growing and adapting with the times. We are lucky to have two sons myself and Mark also has two sons, in the business and we aim to hand down the business as they grow and develop over the coming years. We hope that Sinclair Orthodontics will continue to serve the UK with quality dental materials for many more years in the future.

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The DB Lab Supplies team thank Shaun Sinclair for his positive feedback on Iconic products. DB Lab Supplies are proud to support the dental industry by developing quality products including the Iconic thermoforming range. For more information on Iconic LUX, Iconic Original, Iconic Alpha, Iconic Semi Rigid Bleaching Trays and many more products from the Iconic Range, call the DB team on 01535 656 999, or email sales@dbortho.com.

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