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“Achieving High Aesthetics Using HASS Amber Materials” Cristian Petri’s Top 5 Reasons to Use Amber

Award winning dental technician and speaker Cristian Petri, shares three cases using Amber materials. Cristian has worked with pressed ceramics since 2003 and lithium disilicate since 2010. In this blog, Cristian explains his top 5 reasons why Amber lithium disilicate has been his go-to product for over 5 years.

Of all the facial expressions, the smile is the strongest, the most beautiful way to say: I am happy, I am successful, I feel good, I have confidence

Thanks to its predictable results and conservation of tooth structure, ceramic veneers and table tops are indicated for many aesthetic and functional treatments.

Cristian's cases

Here are three cases that demonstrate perfectly the versatility, aesthetics and function that can be achieved with Amber Mill, Amber Press and Amber LiSi POZ from HASS.

Patient 1: A fusion of aesthetics and function. Creating a new smile.Pre-treatment

Amber Press, Amber LiSi POZ with Veneers, crowns and implants. Press with build up ceramic and press with monolithic.

Patient 2: Veneers with minimal prep crowns on natural teeth and implants.Pre-treatment.

Following tooth-whitening treatment.

Final result of veneers on natural teeth and implants.

Patient 3 : Monolithic 3D stained Amber Mill restoration.

Prepared tooth on left. Monolithic restoration made from Amber Mill on right. Final result created using Amber Mill with 3D stain and glaze technique.

Cristian's top 5 reasons to use Amber:

First of all, I can say that for over 5 years I have been treating cases with Amber, and when patients come back for review, we always see the same aesthetic results as if it was the first day of treatment.

Here are my top 5 reasons ...

1. Flexibility

The market has so many lithium disilicate products to choose form, yet what I love about HASS products is that they cater for both analogue and digital workflows. The dental technician has the flexibility to work within both disciplines and achieve the same results. Also, the technician can combine a mixed protocol.

The dental technician has the flexibility to work within both disciplines and achieve the same results. Also, the technician can combine a mixed protocol

2. Consistency

The flexibility allows for the end user to always achieve the same colours, regardless of how the technician chooses to work. There are no surprises.

3. Achieve beautiful aesthetics pressed over Zirconia with LiSi POZ

Amber LiSi POZ is the only lithium disilicate on the market that can be pressed over zirconia. The zirconia skeleton provides the necessary stability, whilst Amber LiSi POZ possesses the optical properties similar to natural enamel.

4. Produce four translucencies from one ingot with Amber Mill

Amber Mill is the only brand that can produce four translucencies from one ingot; reducing your inventory, and improving productivity. With other brands, if the wrong translucency was achieved, another ingot may need to be milled. This is not necessary with amber, because the same restoration can be placed back in the oven to re-fire in order to achieve the desired translucency.

Amber Mill is the only brand that can produce four translucencies from one ingot; reducing your inventory, and improving productivity.

5. Achieve the most realistic fluorescence with Amber Mill

Amber Mill mimics natural tooth fluorescence far better than many other brands on the market. This can be seen perfectly under UV light conditions.


About Cristian Petri

In 1999, Cristian Petri successfully completed his 2-year dental technician college in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Subsequently, he worked as dental technician until 2001. He then changed to work in USA and Germany as dental technician for almost 2 years. ( Mai -Oct 2001: New Jersey and Dec 2001- Nov 2002: Althausen-MDT Alexander König ).

In 2002, he opened his laboratory Artchrys in Cluj-Napoca/ Romania. He further specializes as he partakes to the courses conducted by Prof. Rudolf Slavicek, MDT Masimiliano Trombin, MDT Achim Ludvig, MDT Jan Langner, MDT Haristos Girinis, MDT Nondas Vlachopoulos, MDT Uwe Gehringer, MDT Thomas Stefan Sing and Sensei Sigeo Kataoka .

Since 2011, he has been holding lectures and publishing information on the fabrication of complex implant restorations with a focus on functional and aesthetics. In 2005, won the Dental Progress Award and in 2017 together with Dr. Ionut Branzan he was the winner of the The Award – Excellence in Prosthodontics ( Zerodonto- AIOP).

In 2018, Cristian Petri was inducted into the international Oral Design group by founder Willi Geller and he is the owner of the first Oral Design Centre in Romania. He is co-founder and president of Dental Initiative Romania, a non-profit association with an educational character, and is also the initiator of the TEAM congress in Romania.

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