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Get inspired this DTS with DB Lab Supplies supporting the Dental Technicians Guild (DTG) and friends

The DB Lab Supplies team are excited to be hosting an array of exciting demonstrations from the talented DTG and friends. Come watch the technique demonstrations on stand F22 held on both Friday and Saturday. We have something to inspire every technician.

Demonstrations will be running on both days, look out for the full timetable coming soon.

Running order of speakers:



James Cox - Aesthetic Digital Smile Design


Keith Morgan - Case Selection Using Lithium Disilicate: A New Way.


Magnus Underhay - Placing Internal Porcelain Effects with More Confidence.


Oliver Wade - Quick and Easy Technique: Pink Composite on Hybrid Bars and Dentures.


Chris Golze - Mouthguard Model and Layer Prep.


Peter Harling - Digital Diagnostics: A Stress Free Approach.



Nina Fretkin - Gingival Artistry.


Keith Morgan - Case Selection Using Lithium Disilicate: A New Way.


Magnus Underhay - Placing Internal Porcelain Effects with More Confidence.


Mark Bladen - New Way To Microlayering.

At DB, we strive to give our customers the best products

The DB Lab team; Simon, Debbie and Kaia, will be on hand to answer any of your questions and introduce you to the innovative ranges exclusive to DB Lab supplies.

Here are our top 4 favourites:

1. Iconic Lux

Iconic LUX is currently proving popular for thermoforming specialists.

Discover an increased flexibility, greater resistance to fracture, and soft occlusion properties that provide optimum comfort for patients.

Colin Shepherd, Owner and Head Ceramist at Denturamics Laboratory says, "I really like Iconic Lux, it is a great product, as I would expect from the excellent Iconic range”

2. Amber lithium disilicate

Amber Mill molar crown finished with Miyo liquid ceramic courtesy of Keith Morgan, Toothworx Laboratory, Cardiff.

Amber Mill Ambassador Keith Morgan says, "The feedback on (Amber Mill) onlays and inlays is fantastic. It has a chameleon effect; it is fitted in the tooth preparation and simply disappears."

3. Whitepeaks Zirconia

Image courtesy of Anthony Bayley, Prime Ceramics Cardiff.

Anthony Bayley, Dental Technician and Owner of Prime Ceramics Dental Laboratory says, "Out of all the zirconias, it hands down looks the best. It mills nicely. It is so soft; it cuts like butter and is not brittle like many other zirconias."

4. KeyPrint 3D printing resins

Chris Kabot, of Core3DCentres, US says, “We are loving KeySplint Soft®. Best splint material I’ve ever used!”

KeyPrint 3D printing resins are specifically formulated for the dental industry, and can be used for a wide variety of applications, including modelling, surgical guides, investment moulds, and occlusal splints.

Visit us at stand F22

Come and say hello, and we will be delighted to present our new ranges in addition to Leone’s orthodontic products, the MSi anti snoring appliance, plus a host of core products for everyday use. Click the link below to view our latest offers. Also, why not book in for one of our new courses for 2022? 

For more information call the DB Team on 01535 650578, or email sales@dbortho.com.



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