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How to Choose the Right Anti-Snoring Device

Who decides? Patient, dentist, or dental technician? The decision is likely to be made by the patient on a recommendation from their dentist. Although in most cases this approach is fine, it isn’t the whole picture...

Phil Chapman, Dental Technician and Designer of the MSi (Mandibular Snoring Inhibitor) shares the main things to consider when providing an anti-snoring device, and how the MSi overcomes many of the common challenges surrounding patient non-compliance.

Don’t we all want the same thing?

  • The patient wants the most comfortable, effective device within their budget.
  • The dentist also wants something which fits first time, with ease, which won’t come back to them with issues and will remain reliable in the long-term.
  • The technician’s list matches the dentist’s, but they also want a device which is quick, easy and uncomplicated to make and unlikely to be returned for adjustment.


    But is there one Anti-snoring device that is the perfect choice for everyone?

    The efficacy of the mandibular advancement device is not in question, but specific devices don’t suit some patients. 
    For example,

    • A device with plastic linkage arms would not be ideal for a severe bruxist.
    • A patient who has difficulty breathing through the nose would struggle with restricted breathing.
    • A sufferer of dry mouth would prefer to be able to sleep with their mouth closed.

    Patented MSi screw, base plate and adjustment key.

    Although a patient might inform their dentist that they suffer from dry mouth, they might think it irrelevant, and a patient who grinds and clenches their teeth at night might not be aware of it. It would be much better if the dentist could prescribe a device where these, and other limiting factors, were of no consequence.



    The MSi hook is designed to withstand severe bruxism.


    These issues are of less interest to the dental technician, who is more concerned with supplying a reliable product quickly, so ease of manufacture is really important. MAS devices are tricky to construct: it is not unusual for individual technicians to be assigned to individual product types, because ‘they are the expert’ and nobody else wants to do it!

    Trying to tick everybody’s ‘box of choice’ is certainly a tall order, but having identified this problem, I felt there was a real need for improvement.

    The MSi, is a unique, patented MAS, specifically designed with the professional team in mind, whilst improving patient comfort and hygiene, and vitally, patient compliance. 

    An impressive amount of protrusion can be achieved with the MSi.

    This is achieved by providing a range of additional, innovative features which provide:

    • Durability - Designed to withstand severe bruxism: three bar hook support; robust construction.
    • Predictable first time fit - In most cases, even without a fully protruded bite, the 11mm of adjustment will compensate.
    • Outstanding performance - Considerable amount of additional adjustment available; built to last; all parts individually replaceable; 2-year warranty.
    • Hygiene - Simple to clean: all parts are accessible; gold-plated, anti-plaque surfaces.
    • Comfort - Lateral/excursive movement provision; separable upper and lower whilst in the mouth; dry mouth compatible; low/slim profile; no cheek irritation from linkage arms; soft inner lining.
    • Ease of use - The patient is able to adjust the MSi safely, to maximise performance and comfort.
    • Uncomplicated design - Less production time; predictable quality.
    • Dedicated bite register - Minimal returns and reworks.

     So, when it comes to ticking the right boxes the MSi is hard to beat.

    About Phil Chapman

    Phil graduated in Industrial Design from Central St Martins in London and subsequently qualified as a dental technician. He founded and runs Labwise Dental in Sheffield. Phil specialises in providing simple solutions that solve complex issues and has designed, engineered and produced a diverse range of innovative products. These range from the large: modular playground equipment, to the small: cycling safety equipment, to the really small: the MSi Mandibular Advancement Device.


    All marketing provided from lab to end user

    The patient pack includes a smart, branded, vacuum-packed retainer box, with user-guide to send to the practice. Promotional material, comprising clinician leaflets, patient leaflets and posters to raise awareness among clinicians and patients, are also available.


    For more information on the benefits of becoming a provider of the MSi, contact DB Lab Supplies on 01535 656 999, email sales@dblabsupplies.com, or visit www.dblabsupplies.co.uk.

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