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Keystone and Henkel launch KeyModel Ultra: New 3D print dental modelling resin

As part of their ongoing collaboration to provide 3D printing applications to the dental industry, Keystone Industries and Henkel have developed the new KeyModel Ultra dental modelling resin. DB Lab Supplies are excited to add KeyModel Ultra to its range of Keystone Products.

A spokesperson said: “This next generation 3D dental modelling resin offers a new level of accuracy, detail, and speed. KeyModel Ultra is formulated for rapid printing and fast post curing, and is also designed to reduce peel forces, which increases print accuracy.

“KeyModel Ultra does not require release agents when thermoforming aligners and other devices. Its flawless detail ensures that all thermoformed devices fit perfectly, and it can be carved without chipping if any minor adjustments are needed. KeyModel Ultra is available in ivory and light grey.”

Doug Statham, Senior Director of Digital Materials at Keystone, takes up the thread: “The collaboration of the Henkel and Keystone teams created an opportunity to develop a modelling material with new innovative characteristics. Our KeyModel Ultra prints faster than other materials and offers a smoother finished surface.

“As model printing for clear aligners is currently the number one application in the dental sector, our teams developed a material that offers an integrated release agent, making vacuum-formed aligners easier to remove than with other materials, thus improving the workflow.

“In addition, Keystone and Henkel are supplying this material at reduced costs compared to other model materials on the market, providing greater value to our end users.”

Ken Kisner, Head of Innovation for 3D Printing at Henkel, added: “We are excited to cooperate with Keystone to introduce KeyModel Ultra to the dental market. Henkel’s rapid innovation capabilities in collaboration with Keystone’s manufacturing and market know-how have again enabled the production of a new and outstanding technology.

“KeyModel Ultra delivers the next generation of modelling resins that provide speed, accuracy and detail. This is the first of many new launches, to come, where the longstanding know-how of Keystone in the dental sector, coupled with Henkel’s extensive material science know-how will continue to drive the transition to digital dentistry.”

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