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A Quality Hyperion Restoration

Keith Morgan from Toothworx Dental Laboratory in Cardiff, sent us this picture of a recent job milled from Whitepeaks new Hyperion zirconia. Hyperion is Whitepeaks multi density, multilayer full contour zirconia. 

A multilayer effect

Maximising translucency at the incisal edge @ 600mpa, and graduating through the puck to 1100mpa at the margin, a natural coloured transition and vivid lively restoration is achieved.


The job was milled from Hyperion A3 and stained and glazed to A3.5.

If you would like to sample Hyperion, please contact us today.

What else is available from Whitepeaks?

  • Whitepeaks, a must have for all labs sintering zirconia, now offer Hyperion in bleaching shades OM1 OM2 and OM3 in addition to A,B,C,D shade groups.
  • All Smile ultra translucent zirconia is now the same price as Supreme, with both zirconias offering all 16 vita shades, including multilayer.

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