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A Lockdown Story: How We Bounced Back Stronger.

Dental Technicians Anthony Bayley and Agnieszka (Aga) Scibisz co-own Cardiff based crown and bridge laboratory Prime Ceramics. Here, they share how lockdown became an opportunity to launch their business, and why they almost exclusively use Whitepeaks Hyperion zirconia.

Anthony Bayley and Aga Scibisz.

Business and life partners Anthony and Aga are slightly bashful about the fact they love talking about teeth. Yet, this gives them edge in a fast-moving world of Dental Technology. After launching their Crown and Bridge Dental Laboratory, Prime Ceramics in Cardiff in 2020, the business has quickly become known for its high aesthetic standards and exceptional calibre of patient care.

Whitepeaks Hyperion full upper smile makeover used courtesy of Anthony Bayley and Dr Mike Gray.

Award winner

2021 Aesthetic Dentistry Award winning Anthony won best single implant with Dental Implant Surgeon Clinician Craig Mallorie last year. He says, “I was thrilled to win the award. It was such a surprise; especially as I was up against
such established technicians in the shortlist.” Because Anthony is so passionate about cosmetic smile makeovers, this win is no fluke. The attention to detail and
ambition to offer the best for the patient helps to set a new standard for dental technology.

Single lateral implant using White peaks Hyperion used courtesy of Anthony Bayley and Dr Mike Gray.

A new venture

Pre-lockdown, Anthony was in partnership with a number of directors at a Lab, where he worked with Aga, also working as a technician. The first Covid lockdown gave them the opportunity to reflect on their vision for the future, and set a new career direction. Soon after, Prime Ceramics was born and, following a short period renting bench space in another lab, they moved into their own
premises in October 2021. They are now fully kitted out with all the latest digital equipment including a 3D Printer for intraoral scan printing.

Anthony Bayley.

Anthony says, “Based on our reputation, we are in the fortunate position that we are very busy. In the beginning, we also offered prosthetics, however the crown and bridge side has taken over now and we focus solely on this.” Recently they took on a third person; College Graduate Annie, who works on model production and the digital side of the business, and are now looking to recruit another
ambitious technician to grow the business further.

Prime Ceramics Dental Laboratory.


Anthony says, “We live and breathe teeth. Even when we go home we look at teeth. We are always looking at new techniques. We love to work with Clinicians who want to take their time, and it is satisfying to see this community
of dentists growing.”

Why do I use Whitepeaks Hyperion Zirconia?

“For all restorations we use exclusively Whitepeaks Hyperion, unless a restoration requires a more opaque material, and then we will use Whitepeaks Copra Zri. We also use the Whitepeaks tinting liquid, Copra Supreme paint on, for next level aesthetics and the greys and blues are really nice. I started using them straight away, and from that point on we now use them every day. Out of all the zirconias, it hands down looks the best. It mills nicely. It is so soft; it cuts like butter and is not brittle like many other zirconias. Day in day out I use it consistently and it works, it is worth every penny.”

Reasons I use Whitepeaks:

• High Quality
• Good Aesthetics
• Produces the results you need
• Reliable and consistent
• No remakes
• No failures

Why did I try Whitepeaks?

“I had seen it circling in the Dental Technicians’ GB group and before I started milling myself, I discovered the milling centre I used was using it. When I purchased my own milling equipment, I wanted to make sure I was producing the best restorations possible. I also wanted to use the Whitepeaks colouring liquids to enhance our work further. I wanted to ensure I stood out from the crowd. Dental technology is always evolving and competitive, and it is important to keep progressing and pushing to be the best.”

For more information on Whitepeaks Hyperion, contact the DB Lab Supplies team on 01535 656999, or email sales@dbortho.com.

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