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A Great Aesthetic Result: Amber Press Lithium Disilicate Laminate Veneers

Dr Lee Hee-kyung, Director of Hee-Kyung Lee Dental Art Clinic, and Jang Won Pil, Hass Instructor and Dental Technician at Hee-Kyung Lee Dental Art Clinic, Seoul, Korea, present a clinical case using Amber Press to fabricate Laminate Veneers.

Case Presentation

A 53-year-old female required treatment of secondary caries in a resin filling near the anterior region. The patient wished for an aesthetic improvement following treatment. The decision was made to create Laminate Veneers, as the extent of caries was only limited to the proximal surface and the intention was to be as minimally invasive as possible. Laminate Veneers were created with Amber Press, and MIYO was employed to enhance the aesthetics and the environment of the gingiva.

Anterior view pre-treatment.Anterior view post-treatment.Prepared anterior zone ready for application of veneers.Amber Press ingot.Amber Press Laminate Veneers.


The shape (reproduced by wax up) was created with Amber Press to harmonise with the patient’s facial features and periodontal environment in the oral cavity. Due to the high transparency of the porcelain, MIYO liquids were the ideal choice to provide colouring and character; offering a glaze effect after application.

Amber Press Fact file:

1. Compatible with various veneering materials.
Amber Press is compatible with various veneering materials for Zirconia as well as for lithium disilicate dentine

2. Easily removable reaction layer.
After pressing, very little reaction layer remains on Amber Press. There is no need to apply any acid for clean-up, thereby ensuring a simple and safe process.
• Easily remove the reaction layer from surface by
• Need to optimize a heating schedule before heat-pressing

3. Optimised physical & mechanical properties:

Each data was tested in accordance with ISO 6872, ISO
9693 and ISO 10993 05. Flexural strength of 460 MPa is superior to the other
lithium disilicate glass-ceramics

4. Excellent aesthetics: Fluorescence
Amber Press helps to create highly aesthetic and natural-looking dental restorations, which provides patients with a beautiful and natural smile.

Optimise your aesthetics and workflow

Many UK clinicians are trialling and adding Amber Press to their restorative options. Amber Press offers a host of benefits for the technician, clinician and patient. Amber materials have excellent optical properties, a simple processing method and an impressive flexural strength. In addition, Amber offers good value for money.

The Amber Family includes blocks and blanks for milling (Amber Mill),
ingots for pressing (Amber Press), and ingots for pressing over zirconia frameworks (Amber LiSi POZ).

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