Amber® LiSi-POZ

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Lithium Disilicate-Based Press On Zirconia 

Most Innovate And Exciting 

Zirconia Framework + Lithium Disilicate (Amber® LiSi-POZ) 

More Lifelike 

Amber® LiSi-POZ veneering has similar translucency to the enamel layer of natural teeth and the translucency of the zirconia framework is similar to that of dentin of natural teeth. The high aesthetics of Amber® LiSi-POZ enables it to replace a damaged natural teeth perfectly.

Indications With Zirconia Frameworks 

  • Crowns 
  • 3-unit anterior and posterior bridges
  • Long-span and curved bridges 
  • Cantilever bridges 
  • Maryland bridges
  • Implant supported crowns and bridges

Superior Strength 

The tensile bond strength between zirconia 

Amber® LiSi-POZ offers three times higher flexural strength than conventional veneering materials for Zirconia. After pressing the flexural strength is over 380 MPa. 

The fatigue fracture strength of restorations made from Zirconia framework and Amber® LiSi-POZ is a high as monolithic zirconia crown. 

Product Line Up 

 Amber® LiSi-POZ  Dimensions (mm)  pcs / Pack
R10  ø12.7 x T10 5 Ingots
R15  ø12.7 x T15 3 Ingots
R20 ø12.7 x T20 3 Ingots


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