Amber Mill Direct

Amber Mill Direct

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  • Amber Mill Direct is a Lithium Disilicate-millable block which requires no crystalization (Pre-Crystalised).
  • The block has graded chroma effect translucency, Incisal, Body, Margin.
  • Easy to finish as no crystalisation required, just mill and polish, no glazing required.
  • Amber Mill Direct is supplied in HT tranlucency, but LT is achievable with a short crystalisation process (heating over 840 oC).
  • The block has graduated strength 300 MPa Incisal, 380 MPa Margin. After glaze firing / LT Firing 320 MPa - 400 MPa.
  • High end stability for quick and easy milling.
  • Indications, Inlays, Onlays, Veneers, Anterior Crowns and Posterior Crowns (occlusal wall thickness ≥ 2mm).
  • Supplied in C14, HT Translucency Blocks x 5 per pack.

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