Cool Tungsten Acrylic Burs

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The special Zirconium coated Tungsten Carbide burs have been developed for all types of appliance and softer EVA mouthguard materials. They offer the following advantages over other brands of non-coated burs:

  • The coating increases the hardness of the bur's cutting edges - therefore the bur's life can increase up to 5 times longer.
  • The coated bur surface is very smooth which reduces friction. Therefore a cooler bur reduces or eliminates clogging. 
  • The coated bur is sharper which means the appliances can be trimmed and finished quicker.

These special coated burs have been developed for use with all heat cure and cold cured acrylics. They have all the features listed above, therefore making this range the ideal bur for your laboratory. 

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