Embracing Sustainability: DB Lab Supplies' Eco-Focused Initiatives

 At DB Lab Supplies, we're not just about providing high quality lab products and educational events – we're deeply committed to fostering a greener and more sustainable future. Our dedication to environmental responsibility continues this year; from reducing waste to embracing eco-friendly practices.

Championing Eco-Friendly Practices

We are committed to minimising our environmental impact. In 2023, we're taking decisive steps to make a positive change:


Our pledge is to recycle 11,440kg of cardboard and paper, 2380kg of LDPE soft plastics, and 3900kg of all other waste this year. These efforts may seem small, but they contribute significantly to reducing waste and conserving resources

Mindful Packaging

We're pleased to announce our transition to using FSA paper/board for packaging, coupled with environmentally friendly inks. This transition reflects our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint and embracing sustainable alternatives.

Harnessing Solar Power 

This year, we're embracing renewable energy by installing solar panels. This move not only reduces our carbon emissions but also serves as a testament to our commitment to cleaner energy sources.

    Our Vision of Sustainability

    Why is sustainability so important to us? As a company with an eye on the future, we understand the significance of leaving behind a world that's liveable and vibrant for generations to come. Being a family business, the belief in responsible practices is naturally embedded in our company's DNA; we’re driven by the desire to offer the same opportunities and quality of life that we currently enjoy to future generations.

    Join Us in Making a Difference

    As you continue to support DB Lab Supplies, know that you're also contributing to a more sustainable future. Together, we can create a legacy of positive change, setting an example for other businesses and inspiring a global movement toward environmental responsibility.

    About DB Lab Supplies

    It is our company mission to become a global leader in orthodontic and laboratory supplies. With over 45 years of experience, we recognise the importance of quality, service and innovation. Working to ISO13485 standards we strive for perfection in all that we do, from unique product design to the excellent service provided by our dedicated customer service and sales teams.

    We are continually developing our product range, designing innovative products through consultation with leading industry experts throughout the world, to ensure that our products meet the high standards expected by today’s practitioners.


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